Jam Tape v4.0

Justin Benner

Hi-fi bodacious babe mix

The world wide web is vast and confusing. Social media, the crowding at the Amazon mall and indecipherable new tech has introduced a dystopian nightmare for your modern-day megacorp. Bring some clarity to the masses, by whatever means necessary.

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The web can be yours...

I take pride in developing simple, structurally-sound websites that fits your needs exactly. Wordpress, OpenCart, Magento, or the plain HTML of our forefathers.

I have been developing on the web for over a decade and a half, starting out with the Great James Bond 007 Shrine, proudly hosted on Geocities. I charge just enough to pay my bills and support my hobbies. No more, no less. I want to be in my canoe right now.

Everything is SEO-friendly, accessible, attractive and responsive. Clean code that lasts is a priority.

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The past, present and future...

St. Charles Country Club

A club deeply connected with the social fabric of Winnipeg. Played by the best in the world over more than a century. Twenty-seven holes with 18 designed by the men behind Augusta National and Pinehurst No. 2.

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From The Meadow

We are a local family business proudly located in Southerwestern Ontario. Our skincare product is handcrafted at our "farmacy" and is one hundred percent toxin-free. What started out as wild ideas has now turned into our success of 20 years!

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Golf Summit

Classic, but current. Bold, but eminently playable. That's Summit - a club with one of Canada’s most historic designs, but one with an attitude towards the sport that is forward-thinking and ambitious, while remaining completely in keeping with the game’s traditions.

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Toronto Lawn

For almost 150 years, The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club located in midtown Toronto has built its reputation as the premier tennis club in Canada. From high-caliber tennis, to all-around athletics and exceptional social scene, membership is about belonging to a uniquely warm community located right in the heart of Rosedale.

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Fairview Mountain

Open to the public, Fairview Mountain has few rivals when it comes to scenery, beauty, and conditioning. Drama abounds—fairways plunge down valleys, as vineyards beckon in the distance.

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